Saturday, 22 December 2012

Purple thing-a-ma-jig (is that spelt right)

Hi it's rachel and this is my first post on this blog. Today I actually finished a project. Which may come as a surprise to some of you because it definatley shocked me! I would tell you what it is however I don't have a clue what it is called so here is a picture of the finished product:

And a close up:

I made this by using dark and light purple strips of tulle and tying them around a coathanger that I made into a circle. I got this idea from my mum (aka Gayle) who has some of these hanging up as christmas decorations. Here is a picture of the tulle I used:

This project only took me about an hour ( probably why I actually finished it) and it was good because I watched TV while i made it. Anyway that's the end of my post, hope you liked it and hopefully I will do another in the future. Oh forgot to mention that mum helped a little bit!
                                                                     The End

Thursday, 18 October 2012

....finally finished.....

Hi there, Gayle here, I have a few finishes to blog today. I finally finished Slater's quilt. See pic's below. I added a few jellyfish after seeing these pic's so this is sort of how it looks.
Lynn saw me yesterday and said that she has finished making all her Christmas cards (all 55 of them to be precise). I think that she may have been rubbing it in!!LOL
Now I also want to wish Becc all the very best for tomorrow.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

A Crafty Post on my own blog

Today I have blogged over on my site about my new quilt in the making, and perhaps a new obsession hobby :) please click on the link here to go and check it out.....thanks xx becc xx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

I think the World of You

A scrapbooking page finished for 'my family' album. Featuring my beautful Grandma Rita, the photos were taken in 2005 on my 18th Birthday. (sorry it's not the clearest photo)

I am almost finished these 2 pages, they just need a bit more writing on the second page and the odd embellishment here and there but the photos are of my mum, she has the most amazingly infectious smile.  Friends can't believe how much I look like her.
Sorry, not sure why the photo turned sideways!

Saturday, 21 July 2012


We are very 'studious' at UFO craft.
We are working towards multiple PHDs.

We will be quite a group of Doctors.  (Ha, Ha)

Another Farewell

The end of June saw us saying goodbye to another one of our ladies.

The lovely Emily is heading to greener pastures of NSW. 
 This photo shows her working on a quilt of 'drawings' from her school students.
 Emily's final night was a little low on numbers, but the sentiment behind her farewell gift was still the same.

We gave Emily a Jelly Roll and the instructions for a "Jelly Roll Race" quilt.  To make her quilt extra special we each stitch a 'personalised' phrase for Emily to incorporate into the quilt.
Yes, we did give Emily a quilt to make to keep herself occupied in her new home.  You have to love friends who give you tasks to do.

We will miss you Em.

Catching up

Now it has been a bit of a while since we posted any photos so now for an update.

Zowie made more progress on her 1st quilt.  Here she is pinning the quilt.....
 We are so impressed Zowie - your first quilt is one you should be proud of. 
We will have to photograph the finished quilt.

Then Leanne and Faye finished a couple of overnight bags - these had been a work in progress for a bit of a while. The 2 pink bags are made from the same fabric.  Isn't it fantastic how the changed handle colour changes the whole look of the bag?
 Debra completed the top of her "Cake Mix" quilt.  It is now waiting for quilting.
 Debra also bordered her "Scattered Tiles" quilt.  Yes waiting for quilting again.
 The lovely Faye brought in her STUNNING convergence quilt.  Recently returned from the quilter Faye was pondering binding.
 These are the two options chosen for binding - brown on half and mustard on half (diagonally).  It looks wonderful, but unfortunately we didn't photograph it.
 the last photo is Debra with a 'lacey scarf'.  This is just one of  the many made by Debra and Leanne.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope we will have more updates soon.

Monday, 18 June 2012

A new skill and a FAREWELL!!

A couple of weeks ago we asked Marilyn to teach us how to sew hexagons.  Marilyn is a legendary 'hexagon' sewer.  She is currently sewing 1" hexagons, we chose to stitch 2" hexagons.
Lucky for us, Marilyn had some 'pre-prepared' hexagons that made our job much faster.

Gayle enjoyed herself so much, she laughed her way through the night.
 Marilyn (l) and Marcie (r) chat while Marcie sews some flannel flowers.
 We were all in 'hexagon mode' even our newest member Debbie (L).
 Emily was excited about her hexagons - she really enjoyed this and was super fast.
 Rachel our youngest stitcher was into her hexagons, but had to stop sewing to complete her homework.
 Here our other 'newbies' Zowie (L) and Leanne R) trying their hand at hexagons.
  Zowie had the tiniest stitches.
 And then last week when Marilyn least expected it, we presented her with the hexagons as her farewell gift.  Now she does need to stitch them together herself, but we hop that they will bring fond memories of her time with us.
 And a shot of the hexagons laid out on the table.
 Now to show just how dedicated to our cause we are, here is Emily stitching her hexagon while watching the State of Origin.  (GO QUEENSLAND)!!  Nice one Em.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Finished and HUNG

The 2nd edition of the UFO quilt is finished.

It was hung at the Roma Show and is now taking pride of place in the patchwork room.
We hope this will remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.

We've been busy - and cosy!

Firstly Debra (R) was able to present the Quilt that Patchwork raffled for Roma SES to its winner (a very happy Wendy).
 Here we are hamming it up and keeping cosy beneath the quilt.
 Then it came to Tuesday night and it was cold - so we turned up at craft in our slippers (sorry Lyn - Uggies).

And the beautiful Becc showed us the quilt she has FINISHED for her daughter's 'big girl' bed.  
Well done Becc.  Nice first quilt.

This side is a 'flower garden'
 and the back is a "Carrot Patch".

Now this stunning piece of crochet was made by the supremely talented Cecily.  
It is a circle (even though it looks oval in this shot) about 80cm in diameter.
It is called a 'crazy patch crochet' and has found pride of  place on Cecily's daughter's bed.

Monday, 14 May 2012

We are ....

..getting so productive in our UFO group that we may have to look into changing our group name to FINISHED!! This Tuesday night we had 7 ladies at craft and there was plenty of projects on the go and so close to being finished.

Happy Birthday Rachel.....yummy cake even if I do say so myself.
 A very busy Becc making a shaggy quilt for Charlie. See below how it looks laid out on the cutting table.

 I am very sure that Sandra would have finished this knitting project and may have possibly started another. (Don't forget to bring in your finished project and show us all)
 I know this one was finished because I saw it in the show on the weekend!
 Pretty sure Ann got all her orange work done, too. (I love orange, did I tell you that before!)
 This project is coming along and will be finished soon enough. I had to get these two to stop work for the picture. Fay and Leanne.
See you all on Tuesday night again.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Looking for Inspiration

HI Ladies
I am hoping a fabric jumps out and bites me on the sewing bum.... seeking inspiration from the cupboard.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Quote Quilt

Hi Everyone,
Just adding some photo's of our family Quote Quilt (as I call it). Each of us chose a quote which I then stitched onto the quilt. Above is one of the quote's.
Above is my feature fabric which I really love the colours in it. Even though they are quite difficult colours to match fabric to.
Here it is in normally doesn't look so neat!!
Now I am working on a friend for the quote is not going to have the quotes but will be the same materials and layout with a few feature stitcheries.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

I Cherish my Apron

After many months of sitting in my craft room waiting to be completed, my 'Cherish Nature'  apron is no longer a UFO and is now completed.

I had begun to make this apron in the second half of last year with, much appreciated, help from fellow UFO crafters Emily and Cecily. Life then managed to get in the way, as quite often it does, and I let my passion for craft fall by the wayside. Well I am happy to say my mojo and inspiration seems to be flowing warmly again and not only have I completed this wonderful apron I have begun creating a lovely shaggy quilt ( my first quilt, ever) which will be a gift to my daughter Charlie on her second birthday. I will blog more about this soon, mean while as I wait for the extra charm square needed to arrive in the mail to continue my quilt I may sit quietly (when Charlie is asleep of course) sip chamomile tea and knit some more dishcloths.  What have you been crafting lately??

- written by Becc P (aka Smiley Mum)

Friday, 23 March 2012

Hi there fellow ufo'ers,
Sorry to miss Tuesday night. Car trouble-the car did not like the steel post!! Good to see that you all have been very productive!! Love the solider quilt's they are all very inspiring!! Well done!! I will have some show and share on Tuesday night. I have finished my quote quilt. I now have to start the next one for the other lounge chair.
Colleen- Did you manage to get your blog tutorial??? Can't wait for your first post!! What else have you been up too????
Hope that you all have a great weekend....P.S Don't forget to vote in between the Robin Ginn workshop.
That's it for now
Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Look what was on the table

Last night saw Cecily and Olivia being busy, busy, busy and Debra binding, binding, binding.

Cecily's 2011 flood quilt is now pinned ready for quilting.
 Olivia's "Serendipity" quilt layout was chosen  Olivia said that this is a 2 for 1 quilt. 
(She only had one of the two there last night.)
 Debra was binding an Aussie Hero Quilt but we didn't get a photograph.

Now as for Colleen (our absentee UFO Crafter) after catching up with us at the markets last weekend, she went home and whipped up this quilt top on Sunday.  Colleen decided this will be an Aussie Hero Quilt too.  It is great and I think the soldier will be happy to sleep "Under the Southern Cross"

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, 19 March 2012

A visitor, PHDs, WIPs and UFOs and maybe even a finish

Some Show and Tell from Last Tuesday.

This is Cecily's 2012 flood quilt made using the fabrics affected in this year's flood.  This is a WIP (work in progress) as all the blocks are just placed on the table.  It is really stunning.
 A care quilt finished by Debra to add to the Roma Patchwork Club stash to give away this winter.
 Jan's Birthday card.  it is hard to tell in the photo, but it is 3D
 And a visitor.
Colleen came back for the markets on Saturday (and she brought her fabric with her).
 I thought the tent was too dark for photos, so I had the girls ham it up for me outside the tent.  Thanks for being good sports Colleen & Cecily.
We are quite excited, 3 of us are doing a workshop with Robyn Ginn of Toowoomba this weekend.  Check back next week for progress shots.