Saturday, 21 July 2012


We are very 'studious' at UFO craft.
We are working towards multiple PHDs.

We will be quite a group of Doctors.  (Ha, Ha)

Another Farewell

The end of June saw us saying goodbye to another one of our ladies.

The lovely Emily is heading to greener pastures of NSW. 
 This photo shows her working on a quilt of 'drawings' from her school students.
 Emily's final night was a little low on numbers, but the sentiment behind her farewell gift was still the same.

We gave Emily a Jelly Roll and the instructions for a "Jelly Roll Race" quilt.  To make her quilt extra special we each stitch a 'personalised' phrase for Emily to incorporate into the quilt.
Yes, we did give Emily a quilt to make to keep herself occupied in her new home.  You have to love friends who give you tasks to do.

We will miss you Em.

Catching up

Now it has been a bit of a while since we posted any photos so now for an update.

Zowie made more progress on her 1st quilt.  Here she is pinning the quilt.....
 We are so impressed Zowie - your first quilt is one you should be proud of. 
We will have to photograph the finished quilt.

Then Leanne and Faye finished a couple of overnight bags - these had been a work in progress for a bit of a while. The 2 pink bags are made from the same fabric.  Isn't it fantastic how the changed handle colour changes the whole look of the bag?
 Debra completed the top of her "Cake Mix" quilt.  It is now waiting for quilting.
 Debra also bordered her "Scattered Tiles" quilt.  Yes waiting for quilting again.
 The lovely Faye brought in her STUNNING convergence quilt.  Recently returned from the quilter Faye was pondering binding.
 These are the two options chosen for binding - brown on half and mustard on half (diagonally).  It looks wonderful, but unfortunately we didn't photograph it.
 the last photo is Debra with a 'lacey scarf'.  This is just one of  the many made by Debra and Leanne.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope we will have more updates soon.