Monday, 30 December 2013

Rachel's recycled rags to riches

After many requests, I have finally found the time to blog my recycled fashion piece from term 4 of Year 10 Home Ecconomics.
The unit asked us to create a garment from at least 70% recycled materials with a $25 budget. On our shopping trip I found a dark blue top, light blue doiley,a mens blue tie and a pair of 3/4 denim pants at St Vincent De Paul and bought some lace and two iron on patches from Ace Strapers. Then I upcycled them into this: (and just in case you were wondering - yes they are finished, completly)

For the shirt I sewed the doiley to the shirt with a button in the centre. I also stitched buttons to the side of the neck and cut strips of fabric at the bottom. For the pants, i bought some iron on patches and lace which i hand stitched on the back pockets. I also used the tie as a belt and cut the pants to transform them into denim shorts.

POSTS COMING SOON: Bullion roses with Cecily

Feel free to edit this Liz, as it may not be up to my usual homework standards! ;)

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Just Because

Now you have read about the party and the Gift for Cecily this will show you the close ups of the great stitcheries.

 Yes this may have caused tears. We have all been a bit worried about Cecily of late and decided as we couldn't fix the problem, we could make a quilt to make the problem seem a little better.

We all know Cecily LOVES her garden & her books, things that make her house a home, so we decided to focus on these beautiful things.  Most of our ladies stitched an embroidery - some for the 1st time ever and we pieced together this quilt.

 Butterfly by Olivia, Bird & Roses by Elizabeth

 A book in the shade of the tree by Gayle

 Bees by Kym, Novel by Kristine

 Verse by Elizabeth
friends by Leanne
A "proper" beehive by Emily
 Garden by Tracey

 serenity by Colleen

LIttle bird (top) by Rachel
Big bird (bottom) by Kirsten

 The UFO Craft tree by Debra (with a little incomplete stitching just for Cecily to do)
Thanks everyone for your signatures.
And the whole quilt top.  (Sorry about the angle of the photo).  When we handed it to Cecily on Tuesday it was borderless, she popped the red border on today and has some 'leftover' pieces to put around the outside..

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas get together

Hello Ladies,
The much anticipated Christmas dinner photo's are on the blog. Scroll down and remember the fun night we had.

 Liz and Cecily with their gift's.

 Sadly we must say goodbye to Liz, but I personally would like to thank you for all your English, Cemistry and Math tutorials that you have given freely, and with a smile to Rachel.

Enjoying the food.