Friday, 18 May 2012

Finished and HUNG

The 2nd edition of the UFO quilt is finished.

It was hung at the Roma Show and is now taking pride of place in the patchwork room.
We hope this will remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.

We've been busy - and cosy!

Firstly Debra (R) was able to present the Quilt that Patchwork raffled for Roma SES to its winner (a very happy Wendy).
 Here we are hamming it up and keeping cosy beneath the quilt.
 Then it came to Tuesday night and it was cold - so we turned up at craft in our slippers (sorry Lyn - Uggies).

And the beautiful Becc showed us the quilt she has FINISHED for her daughter's 'big girl' bed.  
Well done Becc.  Nice first quilt.

This side is a 'flower garden'
 and the back is a "Carrot Patch".

Now this stunning piece of crochet was made by the supremely talented Cecily.  
It is a circle (even though it looks oval in this shot) about 80cm in diameter.
It is called a 'crazy patch crochet' and has found pride of  place on Cecily's daughter's bed.

Monday, 14 May 2012

We are ....

..getting so productive in our UFO group that we may have to look into changing our group name to FINISHED!! This Tuesday night we had 7 ladies at craft and there was plenty of projects on the go and so close to being finished.

Happy Birthday Rachel.....yummy cake even if I do say so myself.
 A very busy Becc making a shaggy quilt for Charlie. See below how it looks laid out on the cutting table.

 I am very sure that Sandra would have finished this knitting project and may have possibly started another. (Don't forget to bring in your finished project and show us all)
 I know this one was finished because I saw it in the show on the weekend!
 Pretty sure Ann got all her orange work done, too. (I love orange, did I tell you that before!)
 This project is coming along and will be finished soon enough. I had to get these two to stop work for the picture. Fay and Leanne.
See you all on Tuesday night again.