Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Too funny not to share

For those of you who have crafted with us, this video will make perfect sense.
For those of you who craft with other women this video will make perfect sense.
For those of you who spend time in large groups of women this video will make perfect sense.
For those of you who are male - you probably won't appreciate this video.

My boys were at craft with me tonight.  My oldest (Mr 10) got a little bored and decided to video us.... 

 If you couldn't read his lips he says "its CRAZY"
CRAZY - nope, normal - yes.  There were only 10 of us there tonight, that's not crazy at all.

Monday, 29 April 2013

A visitor came to craft and brought Show and tell.

Last June we farewelled Marilyn from Craft.
You can read about Marilyn's farewell and gift here

Marilyn came to craft on Tuesday to give us all a surprise and she bought with her the completed 'hexagon project.'  Now Marilyn is a practical person and her sewing items must be useful, so her hexagons became pillow cases.

Warm colours on one side
 Cool colours on the other.
Well done Marilyn. We hope they bring a smile to your face when use them.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Progress by a 'newbie'

Meet Jess.
Jess came to craft about 2 months ago with her sewing machine STILL IN ITS BOX!!

Now I thought I did have photos of this event but I can't find them, so you will just have to believe me.

This is what Jess brought to craft 2 weeks ago.
A finished quilt for one son.
 and a quilt laid out ready for number 2 son.
Well done Jess.  Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Long time no post!

Hello fellow crafters!!
Its Becc here, writing from our new home in Albany Creek, where I have finally unpacked the sewing room and started creating again. Building stock for a market stall for Cha Cha Rose Handmade I am hoping to have up and running soon, I have just started creating comfy sprocket cushions!! They are suprisingly quick and easy to make and I can only hope that they sell well so I can keep whipping them up in fun and funky themes. This is my first set of 'Traffic' themed sprocket pillows....what do you think??

This photo is the true colours of the cushions

and then there were 2

Gaining momentum

Hello All,
Tonight I am making my first ever blog post and I'm a little excited. Many thanks to the lovely Debra for my introduction to blogging tonight!!

I've just got a few photos to share of some quilts I recently finished... The first of which has been an ongoing project for a while, and I couldn't be happier with the out come!!

Completed quilt top
Finished product being modelled...

And then I recently put together a shaggy train quilt for my brother using a polo fleece for backing. It only took 2 afternoons/evenings to do and it was soooooo soft and cuddly. I will definitely have to do another I think.... But maybe not a shaggy.... Th!e fluff is everywhere!!!


Hopefully this has all worked! It's quite late now so I'm off to bed and looking forward to getting into my new projects soon.