Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Long time no post!

Hello fellow crafters!!
Its Becc here, writing from our new home in Albany Creek, where I have finally unpacked the sewing room and started creating again. Building stock for a market stall for Cha Cha Rose Handmade I am hoping to have up and running soon, I have just started creating comfy sprocket cushions!! They are suprisingly quick and easy to make and I can only hope that they sell well so I can keep whipping them up in fun and funky themes. This is my first set of 'Traffic' themed sprocket pillows....what do you think??

This photo is the true colours of the cushions

and then there were 2


  1. So glad you came back Becc. We have missed you. These cushions look great and I think they will be loved by the market crowd.

  2. Hi Becc, It has been a long time between blog posts, glad you are getting back into your crafts and settled into your new home. Keep the blog posts rolling. We want to hear all your news. Love the cushions, they are real cool. Gayle


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