Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Gaining momentum

Hello All,
Tonight I am making my first ever blog post and I'm a little excited. Many thanks to the lovely Debra for my introduction to blogging tonight!!

I've just got a few photos to share of some quilts I recently finished... The first of which has been an ongoing project for a while, and I couldn't be happier with the out come!!

Completed quilt top
Finished product being modelled...

And then I recently put together a shaggy train quilt for my brother using a polo fleece for backing. It only took 2 afternoons/evenings to do and it was soooooo soft and cuddly. I will definitely have to do another I think.... But maybe not a shaggy.... Th!e fluff is everywhere!!!


Hopefully this has all worked! It's quite late now so I'm off to bed and looking forward to getting into my new projects soon.


  1. Yeah Liz.
    Thank you for posting for us. It is great to see your projects. How cute is that little train on your quilt. LOVE it.

  2. I also love the model that you have used, does he work in the modelling industry???:)


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