Monday, 14 May 2012

We are ....

..getting so productive in our UFO group that we may have to look into changing our group name to FINISHED!! This Tuesday night we had 7 ladies at craft and there was plenty of projects on the go and so close to being finished.

Happy Birthday Rachel.....yummy cake even if I do say so myself.
 A very busy Becc making a shaggy quilt for Charlie. See below how it looks laid out on the cutting table.

 I am very sure that Sandra would have finished this knitting project and may have possibly started another. (Don't forget to bring in your finished project and show us all)
 I know this one was finished because I saw it in the show on the weekend!
 Pretty sure Ann got all her orange work done, too. (I love orange, did I tell you that before!)
 This project is coming along and will be finished soon enough. I had to get these two to stop work for the picture. Fay and Leanne.
See you all on Tuesday night again.

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  1. Thanks for posting these great photos Gayle. We sure did have a busy night didn't we.


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