Thursday, 19 April 2012

I Cherish my Apron

After many months of sitting in my craft room waiting to be completed, my 'Cherish Nature'  apron is no longer a UFO and is now completed.

I had begun to make this apron in the second half of last year with, much appreciated, help from fellow UFO crafters Emily and Cecily. Life then managed to get in the way, as quite often it does, and I let my passion for craft fall by the wayside. Well I am happy to say my mojo and inspiration seems to be flowing warmly again and not only have I completed this wonderful apron I have begun creating a lovely shaggy quilt ( my first quilt, ever) which will be a gift to my daughter Charlie on her second birthday. I will blog more about this soon, mean while as I wait for the extra charm square needed to arrive in the mail to continue my quilt I may sit quietly (when Charlie is asleep of course) sip chamomile tea and knit some more dishcloths.  What have you been crafting lately??

- written by Becc P (aka Smiley Mum)

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  1. Yeah Becc. We are so glad to see the apron finished. it is great to have you posting too. Thanks


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