Sunday, 22 April 2012

Quote Quilt

Hi Everyone,
Just adding some photo's of our family Quote Quilt (as I call it). Each of us chose a quote which I then stitched onto the quilt. Above is one of the quote's.
Above is my feature fabric which I really love the colours in it. Even though they are quite difficult colours to match fabric to.
Here it is in normally doesn't look so neat!!
Now I am working on a friend for the quote is not going to have the quotes but will be the same materials and layout with a few feature stitcheries.


  1. Looks Great Gayle!! How many quilts have you made now all up?

  2. It looks great Gayle. What did you back it with? The dark backing looks like a black border around the blocks. Well done. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Debra,I backed it with my "vinnies special-fleecy". It is nice and snuggly but I think that it will collect lots of fluff. It looks good coming through in all the shaggy seams. The next quilt will have grey fleecy another vinnies special bought at the same time.
      Becc,This is quilt number 5 I think? There is Tia, Ruby, Kirsten, Bargello, Quote Quilt. Do you like their names?


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