Monday, 18 June 2012

A new skill and a FAREWELL!!

A couple of weeks ago we asked Marilyn to teach us how to sew hexagons.  Marilyn is a legendary 'hexagon' sewer.  She is currently sewing 1" hexagons, we chose to stitch 2" hexagons.
Lucky for us, Marilyn had some 'pre-prepared' hexagons that made our job much faster.

Gayle enjoyed herself so much, she laughed her way through the night.
 Marilyn (l) and Marcie (r) chat while Marcie sews some flannel flowers.
 We were all in 'hexagon mode' even our newest member Debbie (L).
 Emily was excited about her hexagons - she really enjoyed this and was super fast.
 Rachel our youngest stitcher was into her hexagons, but had to stop sewing to complete her homework.
 Here our other 'newbies' Zowie (L) and Leanne R) trying their hand at hexagons.
  Zowie had the tiniest stitches.
 And then last week when Marilyn least expected it, we presented her with the hexagons as her farewell gift.  Now she does need to stitch them together herself, but we hop that they will bring fond memories of her time with us.
 And a shot of the hexagons laid out on the table.
 Now to show just how dedicated to our cause we are, here is Emily stitching her hexagon while watching the State of Origin.  (GO QUEENSLAND)!!  Nice one Em.

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