Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hello 2014

My goodness, It is the end of March & this is our first UFO Crafters blog post.  tut... tut.

We have been busy, very busy indeed.  It does help when we have a deadline, doesn't it ladies???

Now where to start.... let me troll back through my photos to January....
Umm, no crafty photos, but I do know most of us were on holidays at some point.

Many of us took stitching, but the general concensus was that the stitching enjoyed the trip, but not much was finished.  That's Ok.

What about February??

Leanne came in with another finish.  Yes, this quilt is about F*VE years old apparently.  But it is now FINISHED!!
 Victoria came in with her beautiful cushion.
and a close up of her hand embroidery
 Victoria also had a twister quilt top.  I believe this one is in the 'to quilt' pile now.

 We all ooohed and ahhhed over the stunning quilt made by members of the club and & Bev Dingwall to raffle for the upcoming quilt show.  It is a massive 87" square & just beautiful.
 Cecily completed her drunkard's path quilt with a beautiful soft colour scheme & unique layout.
 and a close up of the quilting completed on her 'new toy'

 Tracey finished Cooper's Star Wars Quilt.  He is one excited boy & has granted permission for the quilt to be put into the quilt show.
 Later in the month, Victoria worked on the layout of her drunkard's path quilt.  We have nicknamed it "Mint Slice".  It is quite different to Cecily's above don't you think.
 and Debra ummed and ahhhed over borders for her quilt.  
the middle one was chosen

So all in all February was good.  I know there were more works done but I didn't get photos of them all.

Keep up the great work ladies.

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