Saturday, 29 March 2014

UFO via text message


About 20 mins after arriving at craft Debra received a text message that said

"Tuesday night craft.... Memerambi style"
(It was from Liz.  Yeah Liz is creating.)

Back in the room we were celebrating a birthday.
 Happy Birthday Toni
 So we sent Liz a couple of photos that said.
"Awesome.  Have some cake. So Glad you are Crafting."
Liz replied with "Oh yum!!! I could totally go some cake!!  LOL"
 Tash & Tracey offer Victoria some advice on quilt borders
So our evening continued.
We admired Gayle's adorable runner - very theme appropriate for our current weather
 The umbrella is covered in tiny french knots.

About 1 hour later another text message
"One side of my quilt is an inch longer than the other!!!!  Lone problem solving sucks LOL"

"Send a photo please"

About half an hour later 

"I found my inch... Some of my original seams in the disc section were a bit big... if I measure the inner square that's where the discrepancy is ... just means I have to measure every side every time"

"Yes that is true.  So glad you found it.  Can we please have a photo pretty please.??"  

So Liz finally sent us a progress photo 
"So far the only new bit is the white... starting the 2nd border now"  

The white makes it look so different.  Awesome.  What's next?

"Another border like the one on the other side of the white... then I'm thinking peeper before piano keys"

And about an hour later

 So friends who are not with us physically - you can still join in UFO craft on Tuesday.  Even if you don't communicate via text, just set aside your Tuesday night & craft with us in spirit.  You never know just how much you will do.  
And of course if you ask for help we will give it.

Keep popping back.  I expect the next few weeks will be super busy too.

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  1. Hope you had a very happy belated birthday Toni and a big thank you to Kylie for her wonderful baking. Great progress on all projects!! Gayle


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