Friday, 18 January 2013

Tuesday Night + Weekend Crafting..........Whoo Hoo!!

Well here we again, craft night.  Tuesday night was a quiet night with only 2 ladies but still plenty to chat about.  I got a quick lesson in blogging so I can try and blog the happenings of UFO craft nights and anything else that may be happening in the crafting world.  After the quick lesson it was getting a bit late to get the machine out and continue my planned Tuesday night project but I was very busy on the weekend doing odd patchwork projects.  I was quiet pleased with myself by the end of the weekend managing to get some projects done that I had been putting off because new and exciting projects were calling my name (darn that internet surfing).  I started with sewing on the binding of two quilts, putting the final boarders on a quilt ready to be quilted, put the last of few blocks together ready to assemble that quilt in a pleasing display and last but not least trying out some decorative stitches (from my new sewing machine J) on a rag quilt that I am assembling for my daughter (who is suppose to be doing this project but lost interest :\ ), so all in all one very pleased quilter J.  The sewing room is starting to look a little bare I just may have to fill it up some fabric, no, no, no, I can’t do that remember UFO busting year (maybe one or two pieces can’t hurt he, he, he).

The Rag Quilt Project

The decorative stitch - it looks a bit like birds feet.

As for Ms D she had quite a product night arranging her “Little Apples” quilt into many different variations, check out the photo below of one of her many quilt styles and leave a comment of what you think.  I kind of like the chevron look I wish I had taken more photos of other variations for comparison, can’t wait for the finished quilt top to see what style she finally did decide on.

Ms D's "Little Apples" chevron look.

 Before I close off I came across a UFO busting article by Pat Sloan that you may be interested in reading, just go HERE .  Each month Pat is going to give some tips and tricks to busting those UFO's.  Check it out it proves to be some interesting reading and a bit of laugh, along with how true when it comes to tallying and working out what order of inportance we place our UFO’s.

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  1. Hi there Sew-a-licious!! Great Blog post!! Keep up the great work, keeping us up to date when we have to go and have a holiday.Gayle


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