Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A quilt layout was decided.... and does anyone have a HAMMER???

As we posted a couple of days ago HERE  Debra was trying to choose a layout for her layer cake quilt.  We had 3 choices "diagonals, chevrons or circles" however as Debra didn't love any of them she moved all the pieces around again and here is the sewn result.

Giant Diamond with a 'ripple effect"
(Yes I know there is a block in upside down, I will unpick that on another day)
 Leanne was making cushions for her daughter to use at her job in the Daycare Centre and required a hammer.  We asked the room "does anyone have a hammer with them?"  Can you believe that no one did??? shock of all horrors, what do you use when you cant find a hammer?????

Bricks of course
And a group shot with a  few more of us in it.  L-R: Olivia, Lynn, Liz (front), Debra, Gayle (Front) Tracey & Leanne.
See everyone next week.

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  1. I've been looking very hard but can't find the upside down block Debra


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