Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hellooooo 2013!!

As we wave goodbye to 2012 and say hello 2013 already we are half way through January (where does the time go already?)  With the start on of new year I'm sure some of us (or not) have made the dreaded "new year's resolution".  For those who made one (or some) I wish you all the best in achieving your goal, I think one of my was to make 2013 a UFO busting year along with just enjoying life one day at a time.

As the start of the year rolled around and business houses slowly come alive, Ms D puts a call out to any UFO (or PhD’s) crafters still about and interested in a Tuesday night crafting (this was Tuesday 8th January).  She was inundated with emails of “Yes I’m still here!! What time?” Seven of us keen crafters made the trip to the crafting room.  As we all arrived chatting about our Christmas and New Year and some us of our plans for 2013 (I'm sure UFO busting was in there somewhere), we quickly got into the crafting mood.  There was array of different craft actives happening throughout the room with some of us deciding to start a Tuesday night only project, while others were quilting or finishing off a project they started last year (see I told you that UFO busting was there somewhere, for some of us anyway :) , others were doing a bit of scrapbooking and then were some who just came for a chat and a socialize .  The room was full of buzz and excitement of just being among crafty, inspiring people and doing what we enjoy most.......... CHAT, CRAFT and LAUGH J


Until next time...




  1. Thanks for posting Olivia. It is good to get the groove on again isn't it?

  2. Yes it is and I'm starting to look for to Tuesday night crafts now that my work load has lighten a bit. After a bit of time I finally worked out the blog and how to load the pictures. Cheers :)


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