Friday, 2 March 2012


WELCOME UFO and PHD enthusiasts.  This little blog is to progress some of the creations the ladies of Roma UFO Crafters have made or are making progress on or just starting a new project because we can.

To kick us off here is a UFO by Cecily.  This was made using the fabrics that were flood affected in 2011 (She is about to start the 2012 flood quilt)

Then on Tuesday night Debra finished a quilt she started last year with the children from school.  The children stitched their 'hand' onto the background fabric and Debra pieced and quilted the wall hanging.  It will be hung in the school office sometime in the next week.
 Look at that cute little hand in the 2nd row, yellow square.  This hand belongs to a Prep student.  Just adorable.
And lastly and probably most excitingly.

KATRINA - a new patchworker who has never appliqued before - made this baby quilt from beginning to end in less than 2 weeks.  We are all so proud of you Katrina.  I am sure the Mum will love it at the baby shower this weekend.

and a great label for bubs too.

so ladies well done.  

I hope we can mange to post regular updates of our creations so our friends who have moved on can share our lovely work.


  1. LOVE it Deb!!!! I'm amazed that Katrina has already finished that quilt. She's incredible!!!

  2. hi debra can you put up a picture of the ufo quotes quilt that everyone made
    from rachel

  3. wow,that flood Quilt of Cecily's is brillant,now that she is finished it might stop flooding [sorry ...joke in poor taste][ if you don't laugh you will cry]..
    Pretty impress wtih Katrinas effort maybe I could give her my bargello to finish.
    Finally finished the Quilting on Vala's big girl bed quilt, just a disappointed about the marks on it..lesson learnt.
    Say hello to everyone, Cheers Colleen


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