Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The UFO Quilt

This quilt is being posted by special request.

In November last year, we farewelled one of our 'founding' members.

Colleen (or Mad Maude as her customers call her) left Roma for greener pastures.  Now being crafters we couldn't let this go unnoticed.  So we made her a quilt of 'crafty sayings'.
 Colleen giving us her best 'surprised' face.  (I didn't catch the actual surprise because I was too busy enjoying the moment)
 And the quilt itself.
it is hard to tell but our phrases are - L-R, top to bottom.

"Finished is better than perfect" by Marilyn
"I'm  not messy, I'm creative" by Emily
"May your bobbin always be full" by Gayle
"UFO or PHD? that is the question" - our eternal debate
"My Quilt, MY Rules" by Colleen - yes we did make her sew a block for her own quilt - she just didn't know it was for her.
"Craft fills my Days, not to mention my living room, bedroom and closets" by Becc
"A Fat Quarter is not a body part" by Cecily
"Three little words...... Quilt and Bind" by Debra
"I have UFOs I haven't even thought of yet" by Rachel (our youngest member)
and the little pink rectangle in the bottom right corner is our signature block

We hope you enjoy this little look into our past, but very much part of who we are.

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