Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Constructive, Creative & even some finishes.

The last few months have seen many of our ladies being ULTRA constructive.

Gayle finished Rachel's quilt.  It looks AMAZING
and because she is such a lovely Mum, Gayle made a matching cushion too.
(oops I just realised the photo is completely upside down - sorry)
Here is Gayle with the quilt.  I think she should be very proud of herself.
Well done Gayle.
 Proof we are constructive, Cecily is binding, Olivia is talking  unfolding fabric to iron.
 Leanne is talking (yep) and Liz is having dinner? (Sometimes turning up is as much as we can do)  We wouldn't have it any other way.
 Cecily showed off her finished Batik quilt, it has gone to its new owner already.
A second Cecily finish in very non-Cecily colours.  This is almost the first quilt that Cecily has made exactly to the pattern and using the fabrics specified in the pattern.  This is uncommon as Cecily usually changes up the fabrics to suit her tastes and the pattern to suit the degree of challenge she wants.
Debra started work on a care quilt using fabrics from the scrap bins.  I see a nautical theme going on here.
 As we left, we almost took this visitor home with us.  How Tracey managed not to get a spider imprinted in her face I do not know.  He had made his web between my car and the closest tree.  Glad we convinced him to stay behind.

Hope to be back to post some more progress soon.

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